We focus on producing products from recycled textile waste

Our textile insulation, compared to other forms of insulation made from other materials, i.e plasterboard, polystyrene, mineral wool, stone wool, wood fibre, polyurethane foam, glass, or hemp fibre, has comparable heat-technical properties at a lower weight, as well as having better acoustic parameters.

Some of the other forms of insulation have properties that are even more inferior to ours. At the same weight level, our textile insulation provides a higher heat capacity of double the value of most regular insulation. This results in an increased phase movement in the time it takes to heat the insulation, which lowers the costs of heating and cooling buildings, which is in accordance with the requirement of building adaptation for changing climates, thus this increases the energy efficiency of a building. Textile insulation is an ecological product made from recycled material that can be easily and lucratively recycled after expiration date of the insulation.

We facilitate measures for the lowering of noise and vibration levels in urbanized environments - acoustic walls and barriers, acoustic planting, acoustic insulation at the source of noise

One of the biggest advantages of textiles is its acoustic properties. Mineral wool can work as an acoustic insulation, but it then may lose a part of its heat-insulation properties and performs worse at absorbing base tones. Textiles on the other hand can absorb 100% of sound from 160Hz, while heat insulation performance remains unchanged.

We also focus on water retentive measures, green roofs, water retentive car parks, cycle paths and retentive surfaces

Retentive boards made from recycled textile can suppress torrential precipitation up to 300% of its weight. They fulfill the role of retaining water and its gradual release. Due to its composition and low weight, they are designed for wooden buildings, reconstructed buildings, and buildings with a required low level of strain for roofs. The material is flexible and can easily adjust to the terrain.


Zabezpečujeme výrobu izolácií z recyklovaného textilného materiálu.

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We focus on producing products from recycled textile waste.

+421 948 049 282

Újrahasznosított textilhulladékból biztosítunk termékek előállítását.

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Wir realisieren die Herstellung von Produkten aus recycelten Textilabfällen.

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