Our philosophy

There continues to be ever increasing textile waste, and this is polluting our planet to the same extent as many other waste products are. We gather textile waste, that is textile which has finished serving its initial purpose and thus would probably end in an incineration plant or at a landfill site. Envirotex, s.r.o. focuses on recycling textiles and producing insulation from recycled textile threads.

With the ever continuation of textile waste pollution occurring, we considered it to be our role not only to re-process waste textiles, but also to raise awareness about this matter for the common good. We are a reliable partner for planning environmentally considerate objects. Our solutions are based on applied research and fulfill strategic regulations like the Programme for Waste Economy 2016-2020 and the Programme of Reducing Waste Creation 2019-2025, Envirostrategy 2030 and more.

Vision and goals

Our vision is to protect our planet and nature by recycling textiles, thus lowering the amount of waste that ends up in incineration plants or landfill sites. We follow the principle of a real circular economy and sustainability – we use recycled textile, and our product is 100% recyclable.

The goal of our group is to recycle at least 7000 tonnes of textile yearly in the forthcoming years and to achieve an overall ratio of recycling textile in Slovakia of at least 30%. We plan to produce a minimum of 2000 tonnes of insulation materials and more than 5000 tonnes of shredded textile a year. We are also deeply interested in educating people about the possibilities of the use of recycled textile, promoting legislative changes so that our country may be more focused on a sustainable economy and an actual circular economy.


Marián Majerovský

Zabezpečujeme výrobu izolácií z recyklovaného textilného materiálu.

+421 948 049 282

We focus on producing products from recycled textile waste.

+421 948 049 282

Újrahasznosított textilhulladékból biztosítunk termékek előállítását.

+421 948 049 282

Wir realisieren die Herstellung von Produkten aus recycelten Textilabfällen.

+421 948 049 282