Envirotex Group

We are an expanding group, with the interests in the process of the recycling of textiles, from organising the collection and separation up to the finalisation and distribution of our products in the central and eastern region of Europe.

Our primary focus is the secondary processing of textile waste, used clothing, industrial textiles, as an alternative to non-ecological landfilling or other less effective means of processing. Our final product is recycled textiles, so called shredded textiles, which represent the basic material for the creation of insulation for the automotive industry, white goods, building industry, the production of furniture textiles, production of retentive-drainage textiles, heat, and acoustic insulation.

Our competitive advantage is the use of more than 20-years of know-how experience of SK-TEX s.r.o. company, that comprises part of our holding group. This company mainly focuses on the creation of heat and acoustic insulation, as well as shredded textiles from recycled textile material.

Our main customers and partners are companies from the building, automotive, electrical-engineering and furniture sectors.


The manufacturing company SK-TEX, s.r.o., is a member of the Envirotex group, which has focused on recycling textiles since 1998. Presently, it recycles on average 3500 tonnes of textile waste yearly. Over the years, the company has developed several insulation materials from recycled textiles with unrivalled insulation and acoustic properties, thanks to which it has become the number one company in its field. It is successful with its products in several countries in Europe, exporting to Germany, France, and Poland. It supplies specially refined threads for the automotive and furniture industry, produces insulation for buildings and means of transport from recycled textile threads.


Enviroinvest, s.r.o. is an investment company that maintains the finances and ownership of the group.


The trading company Envirotrade, s.r.o. identifies sales opportunities, which are then converted to successful sales agreements. The growth of our group has been enabled thanks to capital investments made by owners of the group. Fond WTEP is one major owner that focuses on project investment dealing with processing of waste.

Zabezpečujeme výrobu izolácií z recyklovaného textilného materiálu.

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We focus on producing products from recycled textile waste.

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Újrahasznosított textilhulladékból biztosítunk termékek előállítását.

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Wir realisieren die Herstellung von Produkten aus recycelten Textilabfällen.

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