Collection and processing of textile waste

In our recycling production, we evaluate diverse textile waste and create material that can be used in various industries. The initial entry material is textile waste, waste from textile threads, used clothes, textile packaging, industrial textiles, and waste from composite materials. The textile waste is revaluated to shredded textile, textile threads and dust. After pressing, the final products or the shredded textile is delivered to customers, like blown, heat or acoustic insulation for low-energy consuming or energy-passive buildings.

Recycling of textile waste

Our vision is to protect our planet and nature by recycling textiles, thus lowering the amount of waste that ends up in incineration plants or landfill sites. We follow the principle of a real circular economy and sustainability – we use recycled textile, and our product is 100% recyclable.

The goal of our group is to recycle at least 7000 tonnes of textile yearly in the forthcoming years and to achieve an overall ratio of recycling textile in Slovakia of at least 30%. We plan to produce a minimum of 2000 tonnes of insulation materials and more than 5000 tonnes of shredded textile a year. We are also deeply interested in educating people about the possibilities of the use of recycled textile, promoting legislative changes so that our country may be more focused on a sustainable economy and an actual circular economy.

We focus on producing products from recycled textile waste.

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