The future of sustainable
textile recycling
The focus on the secondary processing of textile waste, used clothing and industrial textiles. Recycling, collection, separation, finalisation, and distribution of products from recycled textile materials. GROUP ENVIROTEX The future of sustainable
textile recycling
Collection and processing
of textile waste
We evaluate diverse textile waste with the outcome of creating a raw material, which can be used in various industrial sectors. GROUP ENVIROTEX Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed cursus id quam et sagittis. Nam ipsum eros, tincidunt ullamcorper augue laoreet, tincidunt mattis nunc. Donec tristique turpis id mi aliquam auctor Zber a spracovanie
textilného odpadu
Production of products
from recycled textile waste
We organise measures for the lowering of noise levels and vibration in urbanised areas - acoustic walls and barriers. Our focus also lies in water retentive solutions, green roofs, water retentive car park solutions, cycleways, and retention surfaces. GROUP ENVIROTEX Production of products
from recycled textile waste

We work
towards a more sustainable approach for our planet Earth

We run our business in the global circular economy market, that preserves recourses thanks to the development and production of insulation materials from recycled textile with unrivalled insulation and acoustic properties.

about us

Our philosophy, vision, and goals

Our approach

We are a reliable partner for planning environmentally considerate objects. Our solutions are based on applied research and fulfill strategic directives. We consider our mission to not only be the processing of waste textiles, but also in the raising public awareness of this matter.


ENVIROTEX, holding

SK-TEX, recycling of textile

ENVIROINVEST, investment



Ecological, 100% recycled and recyclable products


We operate a business model based on a sustainable economy.


High-quality heat insolating and acoustic products.


Easy, simple, and fast handling of products.


What we do


Co-operation in the name of circular economy

We focus on producing products from recycled textile waste.

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